200 HR Meditation Teacher Training Certification (200 HR CMT)



Elevate Your Career with Our 200 HR CMT (Certified Meditation Teacher) Program

Or: Get all 200HR courses (Yoga, Meditation and Kundalini at only $199)

  • Join a thriving community of over 1,000 students and transform your career remotely!
  • Design your dream career from anywhere in the world as a professional meditation teacher.
  • Our comprehensive program includes the 100HR level training at no additional cost.
  • Includes 30 YACEP hours for yoga alliance

Upon successful completion, you will be equipped to:

  • Register with the esteemed Meditation Alliance International as a 200 HR Certified Meditation Teacher.

Our immersive training program will empower you to:

  1. Utilize sophisticated tools to craft personalized meditations for clients.
  2. Develop dynamic skills to establish a strong client base and make a living as a meditation teacher.
  3. Design targeted guided meditations using our modular building block system.
  4. Trigger profound emotional release through innovative breakthrough techniques.
  5. Master advanced methodologies to regulate and understand emotions.
  6. Apply a suite of tools and techniques to not just enhance your own life but also create a transformational impact on your clients’ lives.

Upon graduation, you will be adept at:

  1. Building a fulfilling career as a meditation teacher.
  2. Guiding individuals and groups towards purpose, relaxation, and personal growth.
  3. Transcending personal barriers, mastering emotional intelligence, and deepening your self-understanding.
  • This comprehensive offer includes the foundational course: CMT 100HR.


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